What you must consider before buying your residential apartment

Congratulations on thinking of a better future and lifestyle ahead! So are you planning to take up a new residential apartment nearly? If that be so, there must have been a lot of things going on in your mind.
But before you take your step forward to purchase the flat, you must look after these 5 criteria to move on:
The legality of the real estate: Make sure the property you purchase is made on legal terms and is approved by the government. This prospect is the best to make sure, the deal you get into, is a legal and supportive one to not create any problems in the future.
The reputation of the builder: The builder, with whom you get along, must be renowned and reputed in this field. To get better deals, make sure, he has relevant experience of this business and works on quality standards to deliver the best results. He must know about the technicalities of construction and must stand among the reputable builders.
Location of the project: It is very mandatory that you get the flat amidst the reliable location of the city attractions. The markets must be close and travel conveyance must be good in the area.
Features and facilities: Look for a real estate property that has modern facilities and provides all the modern comforts and facilities. The builder must offer better features that are lucrative enough to induce buyers.
Loan facility: This is the most important aspect that you must comply with, before purchasing your flat. All of the real estate transactions are done through a bank these days, and so it is very compulsory that you get the loan facility approved from the bank for purchasing the real estate property of your choice.
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