Five Documents to Check While Booking a Residential Apartment

You need to be attentive enough when you are taking a step forward purchasing your dream house. A lot of documents are to be compiled with and a lot of procedures are to be taken care of. A sharp and engaging decision, this has to be done professionally to make sure, there are no mistakes in the deed and everything needs to be done with proper supervision. Here is a list of 6 very important legal documents that must be perfectly looked after, before you step forward to book and buy a flat:
Deed of sale: This is the first and foremost document which has to be checked very precisely. A proof of the agreement done between the buyer and seller, the sale deed has all the terms and conditions also mentioned, and are the most valid proof for your purchased flat.
Certificate of commencement: This is issued by the inspection authorities to the construction. This showcases that the builder can get started with the construction of the website and doesn’t fail to abide by the government laws involved in it. This can further result in extra charges and levied taxes by the owner and the property is also no legal to the government.
Mother Deed: This is also termed as the parent document involved in the purchase and sale of the property. You can keep several copies of this document, which is a proof of the ownership transfer of the property to the new buyer.
Power of Attorney: This is the legal attorney that states the ownership of the property to any person of the owner’s choice. The owner is however, then, privileged to transfer his property to any person of his choice.
Occupancy certificate: This certificate is issued to the builder after the completion of the property construction by the inspection authority. This states that the constriction terms are met, and the property is ready to be sold for ownership and occupancy.
It is very important that these documents of the property are properly complied with and there must be a witnessed sanctioned deal by the lawyer to keep the documentation strong. You can look for the most amazing deals that Acme Heights 92 comes up for the prospect buyers. They have a luxurious range of furnished 2/3 BHK residential apartments that you can purchase at the best price.

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